Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Kind Of an Update...

So it has been quite sometime sence the last update, so I decited that one was on order. It seems like the time just flies by and I dont seem to have enough to go to all of the little projects that I do. I had no idea that I would be so buisy. Staying on top of the paramedic reading and trying to stay studied for all the quizes and test is one of the most timeconsuming things that I do. It has been hard to try and jugle work at 40 hrs and 18 credits and then family. I try to be sure that the family comes first, but then I seem to fall behind on the reading. Next week the clincals start, there goes even more of the no time that I have. Jami is doing a great job of keeping thing going for me at home. I know that it is hard for her to keep happy and to keep me happy, but she is doing it. The girls are helping with the babies and Ty is starting to talk, with alittle modivation from all of us. He just likes to point and grunt. I guess that is learned from me... Molli is rolling over, its scary how fast she is growing. I think that she wants to talk more than Ty. She loves to make sure that she has your attention when you are around her. If you dont look at her, she will let out little loud squeels to get it if you dont give it. The two older girls are just getting through the school year. Other than those little updates not much is hapening at the Butler household.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

the lattest and greatest

Here we find our selves, once agine faceing the christmas joy. I'm sure that the year has just got away from me. I have found myself looking at the year to see what I may or may not have acomplished. I have finished six semesters of school and find my self looking at just three more. I have helped to bring a new life into the world, and that seems to be the whole of it. I love my family and I love my position in this life. I love my calling in the Eldes quarm. I was offered a job in the ER in Twin Falls and I took it. I would be lying if I said that I wasnt abit nervous about this new and first step into the rest of my life, but here we go. Jami is tired, but she has erned that feeling. She works hard to make sure that we are all fed, clothed, and happy for the most part. She makes sure that we have a clean and happy home and that is all a fully time plus overtime job. With us five children she has her hands full. Zjoli is haveing a good time in school. She just had a singing part in a school play and she loved it. She came home yesterday and said that the bus driver asked her to sing over the loud speaker and she loved it. She told Jami it was better than going to Disney land. Graci is just a pill. If she isnt starting a fight she is diving right in the middle. On the other hand she can be so sweet to the littler ones. She is always willing to help with Ty and hold Molli. Ty has got the biggest feet ever. I think he may be the missing big foot. He is my little buddy. He usualy sees me off in the morning and the greets me when I get home. Molli is starting to smile. She loves to cry in the car and usualy does that all the way to where we are going. Its FUN. She loves to take showers and lay by her self. With the new job and the start of medic school I wont be around alot for the next year and a half but I know that Jami is my suport. I know that I can make it with her by my side. She is a wonderfull wife and I love her to death. Merry Christmas and I hope that the new year finds you happy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just a few new things

So I have not found much time to update this blog latley. Now holoween is over we find ourselves getting ready for the big one, Christmas. Last sunday we blessed Molli. For the first time I was able to have both my grandpas in the circle. It may not seem like much by it was special for me. I also was surounded by my dad and 2 of my brothers. I had just given a lesson on preshood blessings and how you sould try to keep the circles small and that you should limit it to family and close fiends, that is a problem for me. I was able to have 12 men suround me and suport me. I had wanted more but knew that every one wouldnt fit. I had wanted to have Collin Sharp in the circle, but forgot to ask him so he was missing from my circle. After the blessing we came home and had a brunch. Our little house was busting at the seems but we had fun. I had hoped to get a nap in but that was a no go. And now it seems to be life back to some form of normalcy. I hope to get the sleds ready for this winter and hope to go acouple times a month. We shall see...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

the new arrival

Well Little Molli Kathleen arrived at 4:39 am this morning. She was born at 7lbs,2oz. She is 20" long. All is going good with Jami and Molli so far. We have had no unexpeced challanges to deal with and she is seeming to get the nursing thing figured out. I dont have my camera usb cord to download the pics but I will post them asap. The girls are just in love and Im not so sure Ty has figured out that his world has just been turned upside down.